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Muslim holidaymakers are increasingly looking for hotels that are supposed to be Muslim hotels and where they can find rest and relaxation in harmony with their faith. Respect for their religious values ​​is important to them in addition to quality, price and attractiveness of the destination. The fulfillment of some needs, however, is crucial to a degree that their fulfillment can only offer an Islamic hotel.

Halal holidays - what is it?

Islamic families often do not make the decision for a holiday resort so dependent on a specific hotel, holiday resort or villa, but on the offer

Halal food in the accommodation and the possibility to buy semi-food in the area, from the fact that the
Minibar is non-alcoholic stocked and a ban on alcohol in the entire area and, if possible, in the entire environment. Are important
separate swimming pools and recreational facilities, as well as total privacy in the pool area,
separate beach areas for men and women,
Mixed beach areas for families, with adequate swimwear,
Prayer rooms, possibly a mosque that is easy to reach, prayer rug, Holy Quran and marked prayer direction in the room

Islamic resorts - the top 5

The idea of ​​offering Halal vacations came about twenty years ago in Turkey. Again and again, brand-new five-star luxury resorts are being built on the Mediterranean, which are especially appealing to practicing Muslims, families and newlyweds. Welcome to Islamic travelers in Turkey, in

Antalya, Alanya and Bodrum, in
Dubai and Abu Dhabi,
Southern Spain, Malta,
London, Paris, Rome,
Geneva and Munich.

As the French Riviera and Italy become more and more popular with Muslim holiday guests, the hotel operators are also beginning to see a rethink and an extension of the Halal offer.

Book Islamic Hotels Turkey

is simple. In this country they are to be found under the term islam hotel türkiye. In order to get the right choice of Islamic holiday destination in Turkey, you should first clarify which landscape and surroundings suit your own wishes. On the Turkish Riviera can be found small resorts with secluded bays, private villas but also large family resorts with plenty of entertainment. In addition, each city has its own charm.

Alanya, 135 km from Antalya, is with 300,000 inhabitants a rather small town by Turkish standards. It was built on a hilly promontory and belongs since the 15th century. to the Ottoman Empire. Lots of sights are waiting here for the interested visitor. Red tower, city wall, citadel, a Seljuk shipyard, a boat trip to the stalactite caves and the estuary of the Dim Cayi make up the charm of the city.

Islamic Hotels Turkey Alanya

Bera Anlanya
5 star luxury Halal Hotel Alanya on the Turkish Riviera. The Islam Hotel is characterized by all the amenities that a Muslim vacationer desires:

- All-inclusive dining from seven to twenty-four, snacks, coffee, tea and cakes,

- two separate pools for men and women, including jacuzzi and children's pool,

- Mixed and completely private beach for families,

- separate sauna, steam bath, hammam, gymnastics,

- Prayer rug, Holy Quran, Kibla (Prayer direction) in all rooms and suites.

- Clothing in the hotel and on the beach strictly according to Islamic laws.

Antalya, with its airport and 1.2 million inhabitants, is the tourist center of the region. Especially worth seeing here is Hadrian's Gate, a Roman triumphal arch. The city's landmark, Yivli Minare Mosque, dates back to the 13th century. The visit of the archaeological museum, the Atatürk monument and the film festival are extremely worthwhile. Football fans will get their money's worth here. Antalya is the seat of TOP Association Antalyaspor, member of the top Turkish league.

Islamic Hotel Antalya

Book Adenya Hotel Alanya

Amongst all Islamic hotels in Antalya, this 5-star all-inclusive resort looks like one thousand and one nights. An Antalya Halal hotel for newlyweds or couples who want to be very romantic, but also as a holiday for Islamic families whose children want fun and entertainment during the holidays. Unforgettable remains of the Hotel Adenya certainly the 5000 m2 garden directly on the sea. Completely in the sense of the halal vacation concept the recovery seeker finds here

the separate sandy beach with camera surveillance,
King and Deluxe Rooms,
24 hours free drinks and food,
Pool, indoor pool and a separate Aqua Park separate for men and women, one
Children's club for the little ones with clowns, gocarts and animated cartoons and for teenagers one
Olympics, Turkish Games and Sumo wrestling.
Football, basketball, beach volleyball, billiards, aerobics, tennis, horse riding. Tournaments are also organized at the Adenya Hotel and Resort.
In the evening Turkish folk music groups perform, magicians and oriental dance formations. The disco has its own times only for ladies and also for the whole family.

The facility allows for all imaginable entertainment, but in a protected and permitted by Islamic beliefs framework.

Book Adenya hotel with flight

If you can decide quickly then staying at Adenya Hotel is even a last minute trip and bargain.

Bodrum Halal Hotel

Bodrum, the ancient Halicarnassus in the southwest of Turkey is rather small with 150,000 inhabitants, but all the more historical and offers itself as turkey holiday for muslims. Spectacularly located in a theatrical promontory of the Taurus Mountains, it is framed by islands, bays and capes. As a landmark perched on a peninsula the St. John the bastion (Bodrum Kalesi). The building houses one of the most important underwater archeology museums in the world. In the Burggarten you can admire all year round rose laurel, plane trees and olives.

City Trips and Islamic Hotels Turkey
Short breaks are a wonderful way to get to know the halal-friendly features of an Islamic hotel, for example, at the Halal Hotel Istanbul. From here, exploring the old town, visiting the Hagia Sophie, the Blue Mosque and the Grand Bazaar is just so much fun.

Islamic Hotel Dubai

Shariah hotels are located in the center of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Faithful, traditional Islamic holidaymakers can rely on finding a purely Muslim environment with all possible luxury. Generally and country-typical

All food is halal served and made, whether at the property or in the grocery store.
Hotels are generally designated as non-alcoholic zones.
Spa areas guarantee 100% privacy for ladies. Families have their own usage times.
Indoor swimming pools have separate opening hours for men and women. From 5 to 6 years children are forbidden to enter the opposite sex area,
Private airport transfers are just as natural as the
Non-alcoholic minibar, LCD flat screen TV, electric safe, coffee and tea maker, hair dryer, telephone, air conditioning, bathrobe and slippers.
Suites and rooms have prayer utensils and the nearby mosque is within easy walking distance.
Bathing in the burqa or alternatively in the Burkini for women and long swimming trunks for men is desirable in Arab countries and lived part of the practice of faith. The face covering on the street is up to your own decision.

Maldives Islam Hotel

Muslim honeymooners, wishing to have an unforgettable memory of starting their lives together, should consider making a half-hour trip to the Maldives. The Islamic island nation in the Indian Ocean with its more than a thousand islands is hard to beat for superlatives.

Beach villas with L-shaped pools
Open air bathroom with privacy, a
King-size bed
Halal chicken, lamb and beef, both in restaurants and in commerce,
Area and rooms absolutely non-alcoholic,
Prayer rooms in the accommodation
Wi-Fi, flat screen, mood lighting, gymnasiums, yoga and enclosed indoor and outdoor pools,
Children's club, Snorkelling, Diving, Canoeing, Windsurfing,

and all under a bright blue sky on a fine white sandy beach. Here it is also possible to enjoy his evening meal on his own island. A dream setting that makes friends and family jealous.

Halal Hotel Germany

International hotel chains in Germany are increasingly focusing on Muslim business travelers, broadening their offer and offering,

non-alcoholic minibars,
female service staff,
Arab TV channels and
Menu preparations without pork.

Munich is considered a good example. Especially in the Hotel Königshof, the Hotel Exzelsior and the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski you can meet the needs of Islamic tourists.

Islamic travel - a conclusion

Holidays for Muslim families in an Islamic country are completely stress-free. Halal Turkey is always a good choice. The term hellal booking can be found on the Internet the right muslim hotel. Relaxed moves then in an environment where the beliefs from the Holy Qur'an are respected. A family holiday is, at best, a chance to get to know and appreciate foreign people. Such contacts are then often, apart from the precious holiday memory, for many years.

Do you have the problem to go to the swimming pool as Muslim or Muslim?

And do you have a problem with the fact that alcohol is served in the vast majority of hotels?

In the past, many Muslims spent their holidays with their families or in their private holiday homes.

That does not have to be today!

We have selected for Muslims villas, hotels and resorts that have separate spa and swimming pools as well as recreational facilities. Our Halal Hotel Resorts have mixed beach areas for families with modest swimwear. Some Halal Islam hotels as well as Halal villas also have private locked sections for women only

The Halal Hotels serve only Halal food and soft drinks.

In private resorts, they even have the luxury of ordering your Halal food package in advance.

All the programs offered by an Islam Hotel meet the norms of Islam. As an option, you have the option to book additional tours.

Vote with us your holiday. We are looking forward to your booking request to agree with you all the details.

Book your Halal trip now to feel safe and comfortable.

They are worth it. Of course, for non-Muslims, this also applies to those who want to pay attention to norms and ethics.

Halal holiday booking made easy.

The offer includes:

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